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The information-portal for Thessaloniki is a webproject of AIGES oHG
Managing director and head of the content (6 MDStV): Athanasios Bountos
Cologne District Court - HRA 22818 - USt-Id DE242593530


Office Greece
Giannitson 31
54627 Thessaloniki
Tel: 0030.231.0525971
Fax: 0030.231.0525971
Office Germany
Maternuskirchplatz 9
50678 Cologne / Germany
Webdesign & Domains:

Athanasios Bountos
Maternuskirchplatz 9
50678 Köln

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Technical Support:

Dimitris Atsalas
Giannitson 31
54627 Thessaloniki / Greece

Alberto Dominguez
C/ Independencia, 317 entlo 2a
08026 Barcelona / Spain

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Other domains: (Greece) (Videoportal)

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The editorial staff of Saloniki permits the transfer of in databases, which are intended for private use only. The acquisition and use of data for other purposes has to be permitted in written form by the owner.

The Saloniki editorial staff reserves the right to publish letters / e-mails with complete name, address and e-mail address (also to reduce them). Please let us know if you disagree with a publication.

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